Saturday, October 30, 2010

Me and my friends!

Me and my friends played at Katies house.This is my Girl Scout Daisy troop. Me and my friends played upstairs in Katies room, and in the toy room. We like to play in Katies room. Thats all.

Me and Noelle were drawing on our pumpkins. Then we cutted up what we drawed. But I also drawed flowers on the back of mine and I drawed hearts and grass and pumpkins. And thats all.
Me and Noelle were taking greasy stuff out of our pumpkins. We had a scary scary face on the pumpkins. And , and, and, I don't know. I had pumpkin juice on my elbows!!

My pumpkin was glowing with a candle in it. And we decorated it on the back but Noelle didn't put anything on the back of hers. HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fun stuff I did

This me and Mallory. Mallory was at a play date with me at my house. I am putting the pet shops in the house. And Mallory is finding pet shops and finding this for the pet shops. And thats all.

And I have funny jokes to tell.....why did the koko brain cross the road? Guess....1. he has to go to the bathroom.2. he crossed the road to see his aunt. or 3. he cross the road to see his cousins? Its actully...he needed to go to the bathroom! Funny!

I made a crown. I was making some other crafts exactly like the crown.And I made a crown for my sister too. Then I was watching TV but I was still doing my crafts. Thats it. The end!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm not sick anymore!

I'm all better now! I missed last week. I didn't get to go on my field trip to the fire house. But when I got back I got a doughnut and a FIRE HAT!!! The doughnut was from the apple farm that I also missed.
And I aslo got to ride the bus today! It was my first time riding the bus. It was fun riding the bus today. Mallory sat by me on the bus. And I sat by my sister.

This weekend I did this. In the picture I am painting daddys nails. And ummm....and ummm....and ummmm...I don't know. I like sparkles ! Thats all! Thats all I can say! The end.