Saturday, October 30, 2010

Me and my friends!

Me and my friends played at Katies house.This is my Girl Scout Daisy troop. Me and my friends played upstairs in Katies room, and in the toy room. We like to play in Katies room. Thats all.

Me and Noelle were drawing on our pumpkins. Then we cutted up what we drawed. But I also drawed flowers on the back of mine and I drawed hearts and grass and pumpkins. And thats all.
Me and Noelle were taking greasy stuff out of our pumpkins. We had a scary scary face on the pumpkins. And , and, and, I don't know. I had pumpkin juice on my elbows!!

My pumpkin was glowing with a candle in it. And we decorated it on the back but Noelle didn't put anything on the back of hers. HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!

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